Rockit Portable Baby Rocker


The Rockit is an award winning baby sleep aid. It fits on any  stroller, buggy, or pram and provides a gentle rocking motion which helps keep your baby asleep or soothe them to sleep.

Does your baby wake up every time you stop the stroller? If so, The Rockit is for you! For those moments at the supermarket checkout, the cafe or restaurant where you need an extra hand to keep the stroller moving. Or when you return home and need 20 minutes to unload the shopping and have a cup of tea!

Simply press the button on top of The Rockit and a gentle, calming rocking motion is generated to keep your baby asleep, or to help them drift back to sleep.

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Oscar A.

The item works as promised. It was packed securely and there are no damages to the product. No batteries included.

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